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Anti-Corruption Policy

The universality of the varied industries Superior operates in exposes Superior to a wide range of legal and business environments, many of which create complex business challenges.  Superior seeks to conduct its business in an open and above board manner; it does not seek any improper influence nor will it tolerate even the appearance of impropriety in the actions of its Representatives.


Superior strives to be a "Good Corporate Citizen" and maintain its reputation for the highest ethical standards in all business activities.  Every Representative is committed to conduct business with honesty and integrity.

The purpose of this Anti-Corruption Policy (the "Policy") is to reiterate that commitment and to explain the specific requirements and prohibitions of Canadian and significant foreign laws that reinforce and police this commitment, no matter where in the world Superior operates.

Representatives involved in international business must familiarize themselves with this Policy and relevant legislation in order not to knowingly or unknowingly compromise Superior's corporate values or violate the law.

Click here for a detailed PDF of our Anti-Corruption policy.